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Authenticity Statement of Consumer Opinions

I. What is the seal of trust « Authentic Reviews » ?

The seal of trust represents the willingness of Garraud Paris to publish authentic comments from customers about its products. This seal also certifies to consumers that the opinion being consulted is protected by the use of first class fraud detection technologies.

II. What are the implications for users?

We know that the level of trust that consumers place in assessments and comments is directly related to the degree of authenticity. This is why, at Garraud Paris, we make it a point of honor to preserve the authenticity of the comments that consumers rely on to make their purchases. We strongly believe that product comments, must reflect the opinions of their authors in a genuine, authentic and transparent way.

III. What is the authenticity policy of Garraud Paris?

Our policy is to ensure the authenticity of the comments that consumers may view daily on our website displaying the seal of trust “authentic review”. Our policy of authenticity is based on:

– A world-class detection technology that allows us to identify the source of all comments;
– Sophisticated algorithms with alert and filtering features that allow our moderation teams to identify and report suspicious content;
– A dedicated analyst team that examines suspicious content to determine its authenticity.
– The policy of authenticity, it is the guarantee of the respect of three main criteria for all comments published on our website:

III.a Content is guaranteed without fraud or spam 

Every effort is made to prevent the submission of any fraudulent content, regardless of its origin. This includes disruptive or “troll” behaviors, commercial messages, automatic submissions (by robots and scripts), illegitimate or devaluing content from competitors, and self-promotion. 

III.b The content is not subject to any modification, classification or alteration 

Comments are no modified by anyone except their author. This also applies to grammar and spelling mistakes. Comments are neither filtered nor modified.

IV. Transparency

We do not make calls for positive comments. If consumers benefit from free products, the comments will reflect this. Employees or suppliers of Garraud Paris are not authorized to submit content relating to a product without mentioning their relationship with the product or service.