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Beauty Tips

A Beauty Routine adapted for Mixed Skins

The characteristics of the mixed skin The peculiarity of the mixed skin is that it combines two types of skin: an oily skin and a normal to dry skin. The first one is localized on the T zone (forehead, chin and nose), the second one constitutes...

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The Right Actions To Perfume Yourself

The Right ProductA fragrance must match with your personality. It will allow you to express and reveal yourself. This is why you must choose with the greatest attention. Garraud Paris has developed three perfumes in order to sublimate you. Let yourself be seduced by proposing...

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How to Protect yourself from the sun?

The harmful effects of the sun on your skin      When temperatures rise, it is important to protect your skin from the sun. Indeed, excessive exposure induces various effects such as: skin aging, sunburn, or skin cancer. For that, it is useful to know the risky situations...

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A Beauty Routine adapted for Sensitive Skins

The characteristics of sensitive skinSensitive skin is prone to tingling, itching and intermittent heating. This type of skin is hyper-reactive and reacts more than a normal skin does. It is sometimes accompanied by redness. They are due to a stimulus reaction of different nature such...

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Anti-Wrinkles Patches

    The characteristics of a mature skin   The main elements that characterize mature skin are the lack of tone and relaxation resulting from a loss of elasticity. The decrease in production and activity of collagen and elastin fibers has a real impact on the skin surface. Indeed,...

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Detox Face Ritual is for all types of skin. It eliminates all kinds of toxins on the skin surface. To have a glowing skin, Garraud Paris offers a detox ritual made of products with proven effectiveness. The steps of the detox program.     Before starting your ritual,...

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The Capillary Fall

The characteristics of hair lossOur hair is spontaneously renewed throughout our life. Each hair, independently of the others, grows, dies, falls and repels while following an immutable cycle of three years for men, and four to seven years for women. The hair life cycle is...

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A Beauty Routine Adapted for Mature Skins

The characteristics of the mature skinMature skin is characterized by a lack of tone and looseness caused by the loss of elasticity and hydration. Aging signs appear around 45 years old, it is manifested by  fine lines. This phenomenon induces a decrease of the cutaneous...

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How to define your skin type?

The skin is made differently depending on its type. It has aspects and especially different needs because its ability to defend, regulate and retain hydration differ. The classification of skin types is divided into six broad categories: oily skin, mixed skin, normal skin, dry skin,...

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The good rhythm to wash your hair

  The basic characteristic of a hair routine     It is not always obvious how to maintain our hair on a daily basis. However, some rules allow us to set up a suitable capillary routine. Our hair type is the essential point.     A ritual of hair care adapted to...

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