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Terms of Use of the Website


I. Access to the Website


To access and use our website, you must be 16 years or older. You can access freely without registration or creation of an account. The access to our website and/or some of its topics may require the use of personal access codes. In this case, it is your responsibility to keep these codes secret. You can of course modify them at any time. However, the number of attempts to access to our website and/or some of its topics may be limited to prevent fraudulent use of such codes. We invite you to inform us of any fraudulent use of which you may be aware. In addition, in case of non-compliance with the rules describes in these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to suspend your access. The costs of access and use of the telecommunication network are still your responsibility.


II. Intellectual Property


II.a Intellectual Property Rights


The development of our website has involved significant investments. The website and each of its elements (images, texts, trademarks, etc..) are protected by intellectual property rights. Any use, reproduction or representation of the website (in whole or in part) on any medium whatsoever for other purposes, including commercial purposes, is prohibited.

On our website, we may make available content that you are authorized to download. These elements are made for your personal and private needs. They are free of charge and have a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use. Any representation, reproduction, modification or distribution of the downloadable content is prohibited. By downloading or using these downloadable content, you agree to use it in accordance with these Terms of Use. In case that we provide you with a website to retouch an image (in particular to virtually test a cosmetic product), you acknowledge and agree that our website may only be used for purely private use and in accordance with its purpose. You may not use this website in a way that would affect the honor, reputation or rights of any third party as described below. 


II.b Third Party Rights


We remind you that you must obtain/assign all the necessary authorizations and rights to the various rights holders concerned by any content you wish to publish on our website. It includes all intellectual property rights and/or literary, artistic, and/or industrial property rights, as well as the rights of the personality (and in particular right to the image), so that you can peacefully use those contents. As an exemple, you must imperatively obtain the rights to the contents, including the copyright in the photographs, as well as all the elements appearing in the contents, (architecture, design, advertising creations, or clothing creations).


II.c User Contents


We may make available on our website a space to accommodate user content, such as texts, photos, videos, notices etc… By publishing a user content on our website, you give us a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide license for the entire duration of the intellectual, literary, artistic and/or industrial property rights. It also includes the author’s right as defined by French and foreign legislation and international conventions, to reproduce, represent, use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, integrate in other works, and distribute this user content (in whole or in part). This use is authorized for all purposes of internal or external communication, corporate or financial, advertising, as well as for all public relations purposes. You are aware that these social networks are third-parties platforms so the dissemination and use of the user content on these social networks is governed by the Terms of Use established by them. Thus, we can not be held responsible for any use of the content by ourselves or by third parties in accordance with the conditions of use established by social networks. In addition, we remind you that any content is likely to be referenced on a search engine and, therefore, to be viewed by a public outside of our website. This authorization gives us the opportunity to adapt your content and/or to provide the initial content any clarification that we find useful as long as the content does not alter your image or your comments. The use of the User Content may be accompanied by certain de-identified information such as your city, your country or your age, and/or, if necessary if you have expressly authorized to do so, information allowing your identification such as your first name, or your nickname.

The User Content that you post on our website is your choice and your own exclusive responsibility. We remind you that these User Content must not be contrary to the law, morality and principles. As such, we reserve the right to retract at any time any User Content that does not fit with these Terms of Use and in particular the Charter of Good Conduct. Similarly, if you see User Content created by another user, you must respect the rights of that user and be careful not to reproduce and disseminate the content published on other media without the prior consent of the user concerned.


III. Statement of Good Conduct


We defend the values of tolerance and respect for others. For this reason, by using this site, you are prohibited from:

– Making racist, violent, xenophobic, malicious, vulgar, obscene or illicit remarks;

– Disseminating harmful content, defamatory, unauthorized, malicious, violating privacy or image rights, inciting violence, racial or ethnic hatred, or content constituting an offense against public decency or incitement to the realization of certain crimes;

– Using our website to engage in politics, propaganda or proselytism;

– Publishing advertising or promotional content for products and/or services competing with the brand(s) presented on the website;

– Diverting our website from its purpose, especially by using it as a meeting place;

– Disseminating information allowing, directly or indirectly, the personal and precise identification of a physical person without his express and prior consent, such as, the surname, the postal address, the e-mail address, the phone number;

– Disseminating information or content likely to offend the sensitivity of younger people; 

– Intimidating or harassing others;

– Doing illegal activities, including infringement of rights holders on software, trademarks, photographs, images, texts, videos etc. ;

– Disseminating content (including photographs and videos) representing minors. If you discover User Content that advocates crimes against humanity, inciting racial hatred and/or violence or child pornography, you must notify us immediately here: contact either by sending a detailed letter to the following address: France Cosmephyl Lab, 17 rue Dupin – 75006 Paris, indicating in your letter the date on which you found this content, your identity, the URL address of the disputed content, its description and the identifier of the disputed content. If you believe that a User Content violates the principles set out above and your rights or the rights of a third party, you can notify it here: contact, either by sending a detailed letter to the following address: France Cosmephyl Lab, 17 rue Dupin – 75006 Paris, indicating in your letter the date on which you found this content, your identity, the URL address of the disputed content, its description and the identifier of the author. In accordance with the provisions of Article 6-I-5 of law n° 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the notification must contain:

– The date of the notification ;

– For a physical person: name, surname, occupation, domicile, nationality, date and place of birth;

– The name and the address of the recipient or, if it is a legal person, its name and registered office; 

– The description of the disputed facts and their precise location (ex : URL link of the litigious content);

– The reasons for which the content must be retracted, including the mention of the legal provisions and the justifications of facts;

– A copy of the correspondance sent to the author or publisher of the disputed information or activities requesting their interruption, withdrawal or modification, or justification that the author or publisher could not be contacted.

Incomplete notification may not be processed. ATTENTION : For any person to present a content or an activity supposing illicit with the aim of obtaining the withdrawal or to stop its diffusion by presenting to him false or inaccurate information is punished with a penalty of one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15.000€.


IV. Information Contained on the Site


IV.a General Provisions 


We remind you that inaccuracies or omissions may appear in the information available on our website especially because of third parties. We undertake to remove inaccuracies or to complete this information on our website as soon as possible.


IV.b Tips and Diagnostic Tools


The advices provided on our website and/or the diagnostic tools that may be available are simulations intended to obtain cosmetic advices. The information they provide are strictly indicative and can not replace a medical diagnosis or clinical consultation or substitute a medical treatment. We can not guarantee you full satisfaction regarding the advice resulting from the use of these tools. We assume no responsibility for the use that you may make of them. For any additional information or in case of doubt, we recommend you to consult your doctor.


IV.c Hypertext Links


The hypertext links set up on our website may lead you to websites published by third parties with contents we do not control. Accordingly, those hypertext links have been included on our website only to facilitate your navigation on internet, the consultation of third parties websites will be your choice and your exclusive responsibility.


V. Personal Data


We may collect your personal data especially when you subscribe to a service, download a downloadable content, you authenticate, register for a game/contest, when we send an e-mail or when you answer a survey. Your personal data is stored in a file computerized by France Cosmephyl on behalf of its brand Garraud Paris for the following purposes:

– Statical studies: we reunite and study your data in order to define your profile and better adapt our services to your expectations. These statical studies are strictly confidential; 

– Follow-up of the customer relationship: if you send us a message, the data is stored and used to provide a response to your request and to monitor it; 

– Provision of services: sending newsletters, access to certain consulting areas, etc.. They are kept for 3 years and are intended for Garraud Paris. 

In accordance with the regulatory and legal provisions, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning yourself. You can exercise this right at any time by sending a letter, accompanied by a photocopy of a proof of identity, to the following address: France Cosmephyl Lab 17 rue Dupin 75006 Paris, France. For more information on the treatment of your personal data, we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy here.


VI. Cookies


Cookies are small files that are deposited on your device during your browsing on our website (pages that you consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc…) and which can be read during your visits to this same site. For more information on the use of Cookies management, we invite you to click here.


VII. Modification of our Website and Terms of Use


We may modify the content and information included in our website and in our Terms if Use, in particular to respect any new legislation and/or applicable regulations and/or to improve our website. Any modification will be brought to your attention on our website before it takes effect under our Terms of Use. Unless the change involves your express acceptance, the fact that you continue to use our website implies your agreement to the new Terms of Use.


VIII. Credits


Our website was developed for the France Cosmephyl Lab company by Righetti Mattia, whose head office is located at Via Giuseppe Verdi, 13/c, 46049, Volta Mantovana (MN), Italy, registered under VAT number IT  02445260207, e-mail address: m@rght.it, phone number: +39 335 221 518, website www.mattiarighetti.it


IX. Warning


We strive to keep our website and downloadable content accessible at all time. But, we can not guarantee the availability and the permanent accessibility of our website.  We may have to temporarily suspend partial or total access to our website, particularly for technical reasons of maintenance. It is also stated that the internet and I.T. and telecommunications systems are not free of errors. Interruptions and failures may occur. We can not provide any guarantee and can not be responsible for any damages inherent when using internet and I.T. and telecommunications systems, in particular without this list being exhaustive: 

– Poor transmission and/or receipt of any data and/or information on the internet;

– An external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses;

– Failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines; 

– Any other malfunction of the Internet network preventing the proper functioning of the site.

Finally, we can only be held responsible for direct damages. Any other damages of any nature are excluded. In particular, indirect damages such as loss of profits, income or, loss of customers.


X. Applicable Law and Litigation


Our Terms of Use are subject to French law. For any problem, please contact our Customer Service: contact.garraudparis@gmail.com